HAVING secured land to build a new skate park in the town, Llandrindod Wells residents are now being encouraged to have their say about how it should look.

Llandrindod Town Council announced last August it had secured land for the new park from Powys County Council, describing it as an “exciting project” that will enhance the facilities in Llandrindod.

A 25-year lease has been secured from the local authority, with the park set to be built at Princes Avenue. The town council said it would now begin the process of starting to attract grant money to help fund the project.

An announcement was made on Tuesday that the town council have teamed up with Resources for Change to develop the new spa town skate park.

“To do this we need to hear from you, the ones who will be using it,” said a statement on the Llandrindod Wells Skatepark Project Facebook page.

“If you could take a couple of minutes to fill in this survey you can tell us what you want, have your say on what it looks like, and help us get the funding to build it.”

Just follow the link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LlandrindodSkatePark to fill in the survey and have your say. The survey needs to be filled in by Sunday, January 23.

“Please share with your friends and families. The more responses we get the better chance we have of making it happen,” continued the post.

The project has been spearheaded by former Llandrindod mayor Steve Deeks-D’Silva and town clerk Jane Johnston, and may have been green lighted earlier, but for the Covid-19 pandemic.


It has been excitedly welcomed by locals, with Roger Spacey saying: “Our kids use a skate park, our youngest two like to take their scooters there, so I'm all for a new one.”

Nora Hambrook added: “There is nothing here for the younger generation, a skate park would be a great asset to the town as the pump track is to Rhayader; it will encourage more people to try a different sport and would be for all age groups.”

With the pump track in Rhayader, as well as other facilities in nearby Newtown and Knighton proving to be popular, many feel this has been a long time coming to Llandrindod.

“Skate parks are also for bikes and scooters, we've been after one since I was in high school over 30 years ago,” said Jesse Lubran.

“I now take my children to Knighton, Newtown or further afield to use skate parks.

“About time Llandrindod did something for those of pre-retirement age, it might help balance the demographics in our community and stop the drain of youth from our town. Well done to everyone involved, hope it works out.”