RESIDENTS of a Radnorshire village are rejoicing after a decision to address illegal and inconsiderate parking in the community was agreed to be taken to a formal consultation process.

According to a report presented to Powys County Council (PCC), Glasbury residents have for years been complaining about parking issues in the village that straddles the River Wye. During spells of good weather the river and beach are popular with locals and tourists, but this often leads to traffic congestion and parking issues. But a long-sought solution to the problem appears to be at hand, after the local community council recently paid PCC costs to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which will allow them to speed up proposals to introduce tighter measures, such as more double yellow lines.

A ‘Glasbury Parking Report’ brought to the attention of Councillor Heulwen Hulme, the PCC cabinet portfolio holder for highways, by Glasbury county councillor James Gibson-Watt last month, approved the TRO, with Cllr Hulme asked to initiate the consultation period.

“Locals love the River Wye at Glasbury Bont and welcome others to enjoy it,” said Cllr Gibson-Watt.

“With good weather and particularly with staycations, more people are attracted here, but their number does bring some problems.

“Drivers can park wherever it is legal, of course, but locals too often see illegal and inconsiderate driving and parking that risks accidents and causes inconvenience and frustration. So, Glasbury & District Community Council are paying Powys County Council's costs to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order, as this will allow them to speed up the proposals for more double yellow lines.

“These aim to prevent parking on both sides of the road and on pavements, which otherwise forces drivers onto the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic and risks delay to emergency vehicles, impedes two-way traffic flow and forces pedestrians, children, wheelchair users and dog walkers onto the busy road.”

According to the report, the action to be undertaken is in line with council policy to introduce parking restrictions to ensure the passage and repassage of vehicles on the public highway. The TRO will be funded by Glasbury & District Community Council, which will include officer time, press notifications, website adverts and the manufacture and erection of signs and lines on street.

“Already, Glasbury & District Community Council have needed to place planters on the grass verges to prevent parking, as drivers could not see around the corners past parked cars and these damage the verges and kerbs,” added Cllr Gibson-Watt.

“Many are also concerned about protecting this area's unique ecology and the community council works to balance the health of the river and environment with leisure and tourist interests and those of local residents.”