A MUM-of-two has admitted neglecting her children after she was found “incredibly intoxicated” in a Powys street.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was so drunk she had urinated on herself when police in Llandrindod Wells arrested her on September 13 last year. The woman’s two children, aged four and nine, were with her at the time and were cold, tired, infested with lice, and had been crying out for her.

Llandrindod Magistrates Court on Wednesday, July 21, heard how the mum had downed a bottle of vodka and been hanging around the Bargain Buys shop in the Tudor Lane area when police were called, at 9pm.

She admitted two charges of neglecting a child between January 1 and September 13, 2020, at the hearing. She also pleaded guilty to being drunk in charge of a child under the age of seven and a fourth charge of possessing cannabis.

Prosecutor Stephen Davies told the court the mum was in the town after fleeing an abusive partner elsewhere in Wales.

“It was around 9pm when police officers received a call from a witness who said he had seen a lady in a very drunken state with children in the street,” said Mr Davies.

“The witness said the children appeared very upset. He approached the woman, who was clearly incapable of talking and described as very, very drunk. At one stage she had fallen on the floor and the children were crying out for her."

He added: "She was slurring her words and unable to speak.

“She stumbled and almost fell over several times. The officers noticed the children were not dressed for the cold weather. Both were cold and tired.

“The defendant was arrested for child neglect, with officers telling the children ‘mummy would be taken to the police station for a sleep’. The older child told officers ‘mummy always feels better after drinking some proper water’.”

The younger child was found to have a soiled nappy and both were placed in emergency foster care.

After her arrest the mum was taken to Brecon Police Station where she said she had drunk gin and the custody sergeant described her as unsteady on her feet. She was seen by a nurse in her cell and cannabis was found in her system following tests.

“Foster parents described the children as having problems with head lice for weeks after the event, including marks all over their bodies, believed to be bites from the head lice.

“A doctor said there was a significant headlice infestation, as well as dental cavities."

Acting for the mother, who appeared at the hearing via videolink, Ben Jones described it as a “sad case”.

“She is not a bad person. There were a number of years when she’s been a very good mother to these children, but things did get increasingly worse in the last 18 months,” he said.

“She has been a long-term victim of domestic violence from two former partners.

“She had drunk to cope with the problems she’s had. The children unfortunately found themselves caught up in it.

“She has limited intellectual ability and has the comprehension and reading age of an 11-year-old.

“She is regarded as a vulnerable adult but the domestic violence she suffered doesn’t excuse the neglect of the children.”

Magistrates ordered a full report, which will include all options. They adjourned the case for sentencing on August 13.