AFTER the year-and-a-half we’ve all had with Covid-19, it’s probably safe to say that the emoji keyboard on your mobile has been taking a hammering on your various group chats and Facebook posts.

Well, we all love using an emoji to express or accentuate how we feel, even if some of them might take a little explaining – I mean, is the hands clasped together someone clapping or someone praying?!

I’m sure there are a few face palming emojis being used by anyone following this article so far, but if you weren’t aware, today (July 17) is actually World Emoji Day. We use them every day, so why not celebrate them?

In fact, if you’ve ever used the calendar emoji, you may have wondered or perhaps never even noticed that July 17 is the fixed date used.

There’s even an annual competition for the things, an emoji Olympics if you will. The World Emoji Awards have been held since 2017, with the current champion the white heart. Yawning face took second spot, with brown heart third. Otter and pinching hand, maybe surprisingly, rounded out the top five.

Some of the least used new emojis include sari, brown square, razor, yo-yo and Hindu temple.

The most used emoji of all time is, and remains, face with tears of joy/laughter.

So, to celebrate World Emoji Day, the County Times has come up with our very own special and unique emoji quiz.

In the embedded tweet from our Twitter page we’re asking you to guess the 15 well-known places or events in Powys, from the emojis we’ve used. The events could be festivals or shows, while the places could be buildings, businesses or beauty spots. Some are easy, others are more of a test or even a little obscure.

It’s been a tough task coming up with a quiz given the fact Welsh names can be tricky to pronounce, and you will need to use your imagination for the more difficult ones – or even Google translate for one of them.

Have fun, email us at or get in touch with us on our social channels with your answers and we’ll reveal all on Monday.