FOUR people have been handed suspended prison sentences for their part in an ugly brawl outside a Newtown night spot.

The chaotic incident outside the Steam Mill nightclub in the early hours of November 17, 2019, involved a total of six defendants, who appeared together at Caernarfon Crown Court on Monday, February 22, for sentencing.

Prosecutor Simon Parry said the incident began when Lucia Powell assaulted Nakeeta Jones outside the club. Jones’ boyfriend Kieran Cooke and Luke Jones initially tried to defuse the situation before Luke Jones, along with his brother Robert Jones and cousin Danny Davies, became embroiled in a separate scuffle with three bouncers.

The trio admitted affray and were each handed suspended jail sentences by Judge Timothy Petts.

Powell, 20, admitted affray in addition to racially aggravated assault and harassment charges from a separate incident at the same nightclub six months earlier, and received an 11-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Cooke and Nakeeta Jones both admitted lesser threatening behaviour offences.

“The defendants, collectively and individually, played their part in disorder and violence outside the nightclub,” said Mr Parry.

“There was an initial dispute between some of the females. Luke Jones and Kieran Cooke, Nakeeta Jones’ boyfriend, tried to restrain her and move her away.

“While she was being held Lucia Powell approached and punched her twice in the face. Kieran Cooke is seen swinging out at Lucia Powell. This is when three of the club’s door staff became involved.”

Mr Parry said Powell again tried to hit Jones and then Luke Jones, Danny Davies and Robert Jones become “attracted to the incident”.

“Robert Jones is clearly spoiling for a fight with the door staff, who he is seen shouting and gesticulating at. Luke Jones is seen grappling with Richard Madden when Danny Davies approaches and delivers two cowardly punches to Mr Madden’s head.

“All three are seen throwing repeated hard blows towards the door staff, who are having to use a significant degree of force to protect themselves.”

Mr Parry said security staff Roy Jennings and Piotr Olba suffered bruising to their heads and Mr Madden a bloody nose.

He added that Powell was guilty of a racially aggravated assault on another female inside the same nightclub on May 26, 2019. Powell pleaded guilty on the morning of her trial.

“The defendant approached the victim in the club, punched her to face and grabbed her hair trying to pull her to the floor. She was screaming at her,” said Mr Parry.

“The defendant was thrown out, while the victim was kept inside."

She was also heard using racist abuse and asked the victim: "Why don’t you go back to your own country?"

Mr Parry added: “In interview the defendant accepted the assault, but didn’t think she had used racial abuse.”

Jonathan Austin, for Powell, of Cae Cymric, Newtown, said: “These were alcohol related and she needs intervention and guidance.”

Of the November incident he said his client was knocked to the ground and stamped on.

Suzanne Payne, acting for Luke Jones 20, Robert Jones, 23, and Danny Davies, 25, said all three were remorseful and ashamed of their behaviour.

Of Luke Jones, who was 18 at time, she said: “He is a young man with his whole life ahead of him. His good reputation has gone.

“Initially, he was restraining a female, then he becomes involved with the door staff. He was punched by Richard Madden and suffered bruising to his skull, he accepts he retaliated.”

Of father-to-be Robert Jones she said: “There is no excuse for his behaviour. He is acutely aware of the hurt caused to his family. He is ashamed of that.

“This was a serious lapse of judgement that will not be repeated. He thought his brother was assaulted, and his actions were misguided and poorly judged.”

She said Davies went to calm things down and overreacted when he perceived his cousins had been threatened, and he threw the blows after seeing the bouncer hitting his cousin.

“He is full of remorse,” she said. “He is sorry for the shame brought on his family by his reckless behaviour. He comes from a close-knit community and everyone is aware of his involvement with the police.”

Acting for Kieran Cooke, 22, of Tan y Bwlch, Bwlch y Ffridd, and 21-year-old Nakeeta Jones, of Lon Gwern, Jemma Gordon said they both felt shame for being involved.

Judge Petts said Powell had used racially abusive and “disgusting” language and said her victim from the May incident was left with facial injuries. He told her the affray was committed while she was under investigation for the racially aggravated incidents. He also said he was “particularly concerned” by the violence used by Luke Jones, Robert Jones and Danny Davies.

Luke Jones, of The Waen, Llandinam, was given six months in a youth offender institution, suspended for 12 months, with 180 hours of unpaid work and must pay £125 compensation each to Mr Jennings and Mr Olba.

Robert Jones, also of The Waen, received a six-month sentence, suspended for a year. He must also pay £125 compensation to Mr Jennings and Mr Olba, and complete 200 hours of unpaid work.

Davies, of Cwm Rhos, Dolfor, received a 30-week sentence, suspended for 12 months, and must complete 200 hours’ unpaid work and pay £250 compensation to Mr Madden.

Judge Petts ordered Powell to serve 44 weeks in custody consecutively for all three offences, but suspended it for 18 months. He also issued a five-year restraining order to protect her victim in the earlier incident.

She also has to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and 35 rehabilitation activity days.

Cooke and Nakeeta Jones were both handed 12-month community orders and ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work.