A BRASS band from Radnorshire that has been entertaining the masses for over 150 years is asking for support from the local community so it can remain in tune.

Knighton Town Silver Band is seeking donations to keep the brass tradition alive in Wales and help them inspire the next generation to play.

The band has started a crowdfunder campaign with the aim of raising an initial £1,000 over an eight-week period following a miserable year of inactivity. Fundamentally, the group are raising cash and awareness right now so they can keep the lights on, but their overarching goal is to come up with £5,000 to fund tuition for new members to join and ensure the band has a future.

The campaign went live on November 23 and the band – who first got together 175 years ago and have been supporting and entertaining Knighton and surrounding villages ever since – have already received over £500.

Led by musical director Sarah Freeman, Knighton Town Silver Band play a wide variety of music to suit their various performance demands; from hymns, traditional band marches to show tunes and more modern arrangements. Throughout the year they would normally have a full and exciting programme of performances at fetes, fairs, concerts and the ever-popular outdoor Christmas Carolling.

But the coronavirus pandemic has meant all band activities have been cancelled this year, with no money raised since last Christmas.

A spokesperson for the band said: “Knighton Town Silver Band has missed almost a whole year playing, teaching new students and raising funds to keep us making music.

County Times:

Practice looks a bit different during Covid-19.

“To enable us to teach the future band members we need donations to help provide tuition, a venue, equipment and music for all.”

The band’s goals are to future proof the main band, fully fund tuition in and out of schools in the Knighton area, provide instruments for all to learn and progress and ensure the band can continue making music for the local community into the future.

“Funding for brass playing in schools in our area has been terminated, we cannot rely on schools or local authorities to prioritise the arts in these challenging times and to fund brass tuition,” added the spokesperson.

“We believe music making should be available for all. Without local bands teaching local children and adults, the tradition of brass banding will have no future.

“To provide a future for our band we need not only short term help to pay our bills and keep the band alive but raise funding to allow us to expand what we offer and provide more tuition in schools and out, at a time where music and the arts seem expendable.

“Brass banding should not be only for those that can pay, every child that wishes to learn should get the chance without fear of costs.

“KTSB wants to encourage donations so we can develop an opportunity for funded tuition. Students would be supported through the learning process by having band membership, attending group training band rehearsal where they would be provided with the basics to get them started and filled with enthusiasm and knowledge that one day they can pass on to their next generations.

“Our main band needs new players constantly to ensure its survival. With tuition in schools at an all-time low, our training band numbers have been falling, with only a few making it through training to play with the main band members. With your support we aim to change this.”

The band currently have vacancies for first cornets, second cornets, third cornets and first trombone and welcome new players in all sections.

If you’d like to support their fundraising campaign you can donate at

https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/keep-music-making-alive. Alternatively, if you’re interested in more information or joining the band, you can visit their website at www.knightontownsilverband.co.uk or visit their Facebook page.