BRITISH actor and presenter Robert Llewellyn looked like he had a scarily good time driving an electric Ferrari – converted by Newtown company Electric Classic Cars.

Robert formerly presented Scrapheap Challenge but is remembered best for playing the role of robot Kryten in the cult sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf.

Now, the 64-year-old presents YouTube series Fully Charged – focusing on electric vehicles and renewable energy – and his latest test drive featured an “exceptional experience” driving a vintage 1982 red Ferrari 308 GTS, converted to electric by Richard Morgan and his Mid Wales team.

“I've been lucky enough to drive two Ferrari's in my life,” Robert tweeted on Thursday (November 19)

“One was the original combustion version, noisy, difficult gearbox, temperamental and a bit slow off the mark. The second was easy to drive, cheap to run and had mind numbing performance.”

In the YouTube clip, owner Peter Brazier tells Robert he bought the car in 1992 but became interested in electric-powered cars and decided to convert his Ferrari after hearing about Electric Classic Cars and going to see Richard in Newtown.

“I was having constant trouble with it so converted to electric. I handed it over to him (Richard) and now I drive it significantly more than I used to,” said Peter.

He may have earned his fame playing an android, but Red Dwarf icon Robert was completely animated from start to finish driving the Ferrari through the English countryside.

“It was 200 horse power when it was a combustion engine, it’s now 500 horse power, which is quite frightening,” said Robert, who revealed he’d been pre-warned of its power by Richard.

“Richard sent me a text to say ‘it’s a bit lively and don’t drive it in the wet’.

“The stats on this are bonkers, crazy. It goes further on a full charge than the original used to go on a full tank of gas. It’s faster, lighter and accelerates quicker. An exceptional experience.”