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Wedding Rings - a few facts. At one time wedding rings were made from gold wire or gold strip; these were bent round, soldered together, filed up, hallmarked and then polished ready for sale. The main disadvantage to this system was that there was always a join, and also the filing that had to be done. Nowadays wedding rings mainly start off as a stamped washer shape, a coning tool is pushed through the centre hole to turn it into a ring, the ring is then rolled to the desired profile, flat, D-shaped, court etc. It's a clever system, which means less work and waste and of course no join. These wedding ring blanks are produced more often than not by a few large companies who have the necessary plant. These companies will sell these blanks to wedding ring manufacturers who will then put patterns on and maybe set some stones. We buy our wedding ring blanks direct from the blank makers, we give them pure gold. They alloy that into 9 and 18 carat and supply us with the blanks; this is the method to obtain the best prices. We sell 9 carat wedding rings at £25 per gram and 18 carat at £50 per gram. You can design your own ring, copy another design or we can engrave any pattern on the rings and any engraved message you might want inside. It is well to remember that a wedding ring is very easy to make, given that most manufacturers use blanks, - even the fancy designer names. As this is the wedding ring season and we have A VERY LARGE STOCK, I AM GOING TO GIVE ANOTHER 10% OFF OUR ALREADY UNDERPRICED WEDDING RINGS. All our wedding rings are guaranteed for life, they are all hallmarked and of the best quality. There are thousand of available patterns that can be put on your wedding rings, and I know a man who knows them all. Any diamond cutting costs £10. We stock every size in 9 carat and 18 carat, yellow and white, from 3 mm to 6mm. Other widths can be ordered and ready in one or two weeks. We are happy for customers to make regular payments for their wedding rings as we are for any other item in stock.

Areas served: Great Malvern, Ledbury, Worcester, Worcestershire.

Categories: Jewellers, Jewellery Wholesalers, Loans & Finances, Shops, Wedding Services

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