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Niagara Windows and Doors - Maximum Value with Minimum Maintenance With Niagara's new range of PVC-u double glazed windows, you'll not only make your home warmer, quieter and more secure, but enhance its appearance and reduce maintenance to a minimum.

PVC-u is a tried and tested material that is widely employed wherever weather and corrosion resistant products are required. So with Niagara's experience and expert design skills you can be sure of stylish, easy to operate, leak and draught proof windows - with no costly or time consuming repainting in the future.

Made to Measure to Meet YOUR Exact Requirements Niagara Windows are individually made to suit the style and character of your property, or, you can decide on a new look for your home with a totally different design of window.

Whatever you choose you can be assured that we can help and will take you through the entire process from design to installation in a trouble and hassle free manner. Just see what our previous customers have to say about our service, we're certain that once you've had a chat with us you'll not want to go anywhere else, why?, because...

"With Niagara, "Quality comes as Standard"..... So if you want information or ideas, you can be sure of the best attentions at Niagara Windows and Doors

So Please come and see us, you're sure to be amazed at what you find......

Areas served: Worcester, Worcestershire.

Categories: Blinds, Awnings & Curtains, Doors, Windows & Conservatories, Double Glazing, Home Improvements

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