WELSHPOOL shot putter Adele Nicoll hopes her change in technique will take her to a new level after claiming another BUCS Nationals gold medal in Sheffield last weekend.

A throw of 14.57m was enough for the 21 year old Cardiff Metropolitan student to win gold for a fourth consecutive year.

Nicoll said: “It’s actually bittersweet. I’m delighted to get the win and take the gold.

“I changed techniques recently and I’m not a glider anymore I’m now a rotator. The short-term effects of changing techniques mean that you drop distance.

“I could throw 15m one time and 13m the other. It’s just about getting used to it really.

“Although I’m happy with the win and I’ve seen progress with the technique, it’s hard to take that initial hit of dropping a metre.

“I’m thinking long term. I could’ve carried on with the gliding and pushed myself to 17.5m with the glide but realistically, to be on a world-class stage, I need to hit 18m plus and I don’t think there’s any way I could’ve done that with the glide.

“I’m quite short for a female thrower and the rotation technique will suit me a lot better. Eventually it will pay off.

Nicoll is hoping to become a world leading shot putter and insisted changing style is all part of the process.

The student of sports and exercise science has enjoyed three golden years at BUCS and admits she loves competing in Sheffield.

“It’s absolutely amazing. I was invited to the British Championships but I decided to come to BUCS.

“I love the atmosphere. I’m the team captain so I thought it would be a bit wrong if I didn’t come. I love being here.”