THE Football Association of Wales (FAW) has voted in favour of restructuring the pyramid in a move which would rob Mid Wales of its affiliated league status.

The FAW will run a 108 club pyramid including four regional third tiers which would feed two regional second tiers which in turn would feed the 12 club national league.

The new structure will be implemented by 2020/21 and would see Mid Wales forced to compete in either north or the southern sections of the pyramid at level three.

The new structure would also mean Mid Wales clubs switched between the north and southern sections to address any geographical imbalance.

A County Times online poll recorded 64 per cent of 176 voters were opposed to the new structure with 34 per cent in favour.

However the FAW insisted the restructure needed to “address some of the challenges experienced at local, regional and national level.”

Head of competitions Andrew Howard said: “When you look at the existing pyramid it’s quite unbalanced so we’ve pretty much started from a blank sheet of paper with a model that best suits the domestic game in Wales and the challenges that the clubs face at the moment.

“The main outcome is it will lead to stronger and more sustainable clubs and that’s a key objective for the FAW.”

Opposition to the restructure has already surfaced with several Mid Wales clubs denouncing the plans as the death knell of the game in the region.

Meanwhile the South Wales League is pushing for a special emergency meeting.