NEWTOWN will once again be a one senior football club town next season.

Montgomeryshire League officials had hoped this summer would see Powys' largest town with most available facilities would once again see a club formed ahead of next season.

The town was once home to a plethora of clubs, including Maesyrhandir, Newtown Wanderers, Newtown Rangers, Newtown North End, Newtown North Side as well as a factory side at GKN.

The town was also home to its own Sunday Football League.


However since 2022 the town has been home to one club, Newtown Football Club in the JD Cymru Premier and unrepresented in the Central Wales League and Montgomeryshire League.

Now efforts to re-form Maesyrhandir Football Club have been shelved due to a lack of committee members and match day help.

Ben Pearse, who founded the club in 2013 and was involved until its demise in 2020, hoped the sun had not set on Maesyrhandir Football Club and vowed to revive the Purples should enough volunteers come forward.

He said: "It’s with great sadness we’ve had to knock it on the head for next season, we’ve got plenty of players interested and we have got a coach interested.

"What we are missing is behind the scenes people, committee members and volunteers who are willing to be available ever Saturday during the season for the running of the club.

"I would love to take it all on myself as I have done previously but I’m now older and hopefully wiser and I know I can’t go it alone, I have a right hand man but he is in the same position, we can support people but we can not do it ourselves, the money is there waiting to start back up and I’m positive it will happen it’s all about the timing."

For now Pearse said the situation would once again be reviewed ahead of the start of next season with a view to finally returning in 2025/26.

"We will look again at the situation in the autumn to give us plenty of time to get running," said Pearse. "I’m sure the future is bright and I’m sure it’s purple."