The Newtown AFC chairman, Nick Evans, has certainly been busy in the second half of the season. 

First, he sacked the team manager, second he announced that the name of the ground, Latham Park, will now include the name of a sponsor, and third, he voiced his support for League of Wales fixtures to take place on Friday nights. 

For the second and third points, I’m sure Mr Evans has carried out his market research thoroughly, consulted widely with fans and that the changes meet with their approval. 


At a personal level, however, because of professional commitments and the density of tea time traffic on the motorways, it will be impossible for me to attend any Friday night games, and this disappoints me immensely. 

Nevertheless, if additional revenue is generated for the club and attendances increase, then the changes will be justified.

At least I can return to watching my local team, Hyde United, on Saturday afternoon, and keep my fingers crossed that there will still be a pre-season friendly between the two clubs - as long as the game isn’t played on a Friday night at Newtown! 

David S. Ainsworth, Denton, Manchester