PLANS to expand the JD Cymru Premier and introduce exclusive Friday night football have been welcomed by Newtown Football Club chairman Nick Evans.

The Football Association of Wales this week revealed trialled Friday night football would begin in July and be launched at the start of the 2026-27 season.

Other additions include the introduction of VAR Light as well as substantial investment in league administration, brand awareness, community engagement and facilities.

Grants will also be made available to fund operational, community or commercial roles based upon each club circumstances and to support clubs with setting up under the appropriate legal structures as well as the creation of new training programmes to support and develop staff and volunteers operating within the Cymru Premier.


The league will also expand and launch a brand new format after more than a decade of disgruntled fans calling for an end to the hated 12 club format which saw supporters abandon the league.

It is hoped the changed will finally end a decade of declining support and average attendances with the FAW targeting average league gates of more than 1,000 by 2030.

County Times:

The details of the expansion will be confirmed in September.

Newtown Football Club chairman Nick Evans welcomed the news and said: “Newtown AFC welcome the FAW’s commitment to financial investment in the Cymru Premier as detailed in the strategy report. This will strengthen the foundations of our league and help make clubs run more professionally.

“The proposal to switch leagues games to Friday evenings represents significant adjustments. 

“This change will require thorough planning and careful consideration to ensure it aligns well with the needs of our players, supporters and the broader community.

“Newtown AFC remains committed to progressing with these changes constructively and collaboratively for the betterment of our club and Welsh football."