THE New Saints' run of victories is not a Guinness World Record.

The Oswestry club beat Newtown 3-0 on Tuesday night to celebrate a 21st win on the bounce - equalling their own record set in 2017.

However the champagne has been returned to the ice after the Football Association of Wales confirmed the record had been withdrawn by the Guinness World Records chiefs.

The association had previously been told a win as a result of a penalty shoot out counted toward their record attempt.


However last night Guinness World Records completed a U-turn and insisted a shoot out win did not count while apologising "for a miscommunication".

Therefore, as The New Saints’ victory over East Fife in the SPFL Trust Trophy on October 14th 2023 came courtesy of a penalty shootout, the club have not equalled the world record.

A club spokesman said: "We are naturally disappointed to learn that our 27-game winning streak apparently no longer qualifies as equalling the world record.

"On the 6th February, Guinness World Records confirmed we had equalled the world record, and then on the 7th February, we were told there has apparently been a “miscommunication” and that we have not now equalled the world record.

"As far as we are concerned, a win is a win, and so we have secured 27 wins back-to-back – a fabulous achievement by Craig and the team, and one deserving of recognition.

"We are in communication with Guinness World Records, and we are hopeful of a resolution that is a fair recognition of the club’s remarkable achievement on the pitch."