MONTGOMERY Town Football Club have resigned from the Ardal North East League.

The Clos Tanymur club have been out of action since the beginning of lockdown restrictions a year ago.

During that time the club has lost players to English clubs and the club felt it was no longer in a position to compete in the third tier.

Other players have informed the club they will no longer be available next season.

A club spokesman said: "This leaves us with a squad generally made up of young players who we have encouraged for some time to be part of our club, but we feel that should they experience a football which they are not prepared for and constantly experiencing defeat, their enthusiasm for the game will quickly erode."

The club made the decision in the knowledge they would likely drop to the bottom tier of Welsh football as a consequence when football is permitted below elite level in Wales once more.

"We fully understand that by resigning that we are now very likely to be playing at tier five level and we are confident that we can compete and be successful in the not too distant future and progress back up the pyramid system," added the spokesman.

"It is with regret that we find ourselves having to compile this letter but these exceptionally difficult times that we have experienced over the past year and are continuing to experience, has contributed greatly to our current predicament but we are adamant that we keep keep football alive and kicking in Montgomery."