BUILTH Wells Football Club manager Dylan McPhee has called upon the Football Association of Wales (FAW) to make a final decision on the fate of the season.

Currently all leagues below Cymru Premier level remain in hiatus as part of the Welsh Government’s lockdown restrictions.

McPhee has called upon the FAW to make a final decision on the season now and insisted clubs needed to know rather than being left in limbo.

“I want football back as much as anyone but we need to look at the bigger picture at this state,” said McPhee. “A few weeks ago the virus was more under control than now so if it was not safe to start the season then I do not imagine it will be in a fortnight’s time.

“Even if the FAW decide to cancel the entire season then I think that is preferable to the current situation.”

McPhee said any return of football under current restrictions would be fraught with difficulties.

“How can we return to football when we would be restricted to how many personnel we could have at games?” said McPhee. “What if a player is injured and needs hospital treatment?

“Presently all players would have to travel to games seperately in their own cars so clubs would be paying for all their travel costs while the players could not even shower at grounds.

“I do not think it is worth starting the season if it means a drop in standards like that.”

McPhee also warned with winter approaching and many leisure facilities closed to the public that clubs would be unable to train.

He said: “With restrictions at training facilities on how many players can attend and of course some councils closing their leisure facilities altogether it would be impossible for many clubs to train.”

McPhee has managed to retain his squad for now but insisted he would not be able to stand in their way should they look to ply their trade across the border if the Welsh Government maintained its stance on sport in the next review of restrictions.

“I would hope the FAW would carry over the registration money paid by clubs this season to next,” said McPhee.

“At this point even if the season started in November we would struggle to play more than 15 games before the end of the season in May and we have already been told no extension will be allowed due to the European Championships in 2021.

“I do not particularly want to play half a season for the sake of it.”

McPhee called upon the FAW to make a decision by the end of the month.

“A decision needs to be made either way at this point,” said McPhee.”

Meanwhile Knighton Town manager Mark Jones called the FAW's approach "farcical."

The MMP-NL Mid Wales League East club manager said: "The FAW have shown that they don't care a jot about lower league football clubs, players, coaches and volunteers.

"The lack of communication has been farcical from day one and players from the border area are able to pop 15 miles down the road and play competitive fixtures, while we can do nothing at all."