JD Cymru Premier clubs will not make it to Christmas without the return of fans.

The warning was issued by Aberystwyth Town Football Club chairman Donald Kane following a meeting of member club's on Sunday.

Kane said club's operating without gate receipts, sponsorship and hospitality revenue was unsustainable and expected the first clubs to fold by the end of the year unless the Welsh Government completed a U-turn on its supporter ban.

Kane said: "I really worry that our league in its current form is dying.

"After hearing from the other chairman in the Cymru Premier and Football Association of Wales (FAW) representatives in a meeting last night (Sunday), it seems that without new finance being injected, many clubs will fold."

Kane warned the loss of clubs would devastate local communities already ravaged by the impact of lockdown restrictions enforced since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Each operate junior academies which cater for more than 200 boys and girls as well as running disability and mental health teams.

All would be lost should the senior club fold as Kane warned was now a matter of when not if unless the Welsh Government allowed supporters to attend fixtures.

Kane also highlighted the support of the UK Government for the National Leagues in England which will see more than £10m invested over the next three months to protect clubs from going extinct.

Kane said: "Using the Barnett Formula a proportionate amount of money should also be made available to the Welsh Government for Cymru Premier Clubs, and we are urging the Welsh Government now to pursue this urgently, to help preserve our national football league."