ONE of the United Kingdom’s largest private collectors of football memorabilia has issued an appeal for information on one of his treasured items.

Neville Evans of Aberystwyth has sponsored the Cambrian Tyres Aberystwyth League for many years and a major supporter of football across mid Wales.

He is also one of the UK’s largest private collectors of football memorabilia with approximately 29,000 matchworn shirts, several thousand international caps, medals, ephemera and more.

Among his collection is cap which has caused much debate over its origins.

The cap was awarded to a W Parry of Newtown in the mid 1920s but further details on the cap and the player remain a mystery.

Spokesman Richard Hemingway said: “We’re trying to get some more information on the player and the origins of the cap, which we actually picked up via eBay several years ago.

“We know a W Parry scored a hat trick for Newtown in 1895 against Man City, but somehow I can’t see this being the same player.”

“We were wondering if there might be the scope to tease out some information from somewhere and would love to hear more about the cap.”

The cap is distinct and issued in the 1923-24 season.

Richard added: “The lettering around the cap from left to right is N A, C F, W C

“We’re wondering if it’s something like Newtown AFC, Central Wales.”

“We would like anyone with more information to get in touch with us

Meanwhile Richard said Neville was always keen to add to his collection of football memorabilia which is already among one of the best such collections anywhere in the country.

“We are always happy to value any readers football memorabilia – no obligation, and free of charge,” said Richard. Further details are available at