St Asaph City

Ground - Elwy Park Grove

Founded - 2000

Nickname - The Saints

THE story of football in St Asaph begins in the 19th century.

By 1885 a club known as St Asaph Athletic existed, based at Elwy Park Grove, the home of the modern day club.

However few records of the club exist for much of the 20th century and it is only in 1973 when the club re-emerges in archives as members of the Clwyd League before folding in 1980.

During the 1980s another club from the city was established with Pilkingtons Football Club members of the Welsh Alliance before folding in the early 90s as St Asaph City reformed.

The club returned to the Clwyd League in 1990 and enjoyed several successful seasons to step up to Welsh Alliance in 1993 but just a year later their facilities were destroyed in a fire and forced to fold.

The club reformed once again in 2000 in the Rhyl Junior League and a council built pavilion allowed the club to climb through the pyramid and return to the Clwyd League in 2006.

The Saints won the title in 2013 to seal promotion to the Welsh Alliance.