MID Wales and border cricket clubs remain hopeful of returning to the field before the end of summer.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic led to the postponement of the Shropshire Cricket League season in April and three months on restrictions mean the game remains in hiatus.

While restricted training has been permitted in Shropshire the situation remains unchanged in Wales with players still kicking their heels and awaiting the latest updates from the Welsh Government.

First division club Alberbury hope at least regional friendlies will be permitted in August.

Club spokesman James Hearle said: “With the start of cricket delayed until August we are still hopeful of getting some cricket in before the season ends.

“Though it does seem the league may be cancelled for the year with regional friendlies the most likely way to get a game of cricket in.

Hearle insisted the main challenges facing clubs were administration and finance.

He said: “While there is a chance for some of a season to be played we will hold out hope , despite all the issues there might be in regards to rules and administration.

“That being said if the season gets cancelled it gives clubs more time to arrange friendlies if we are allowed to play again.

“The only worry would be the financial implications of there being no cricket for many clubs.”

Bishops Castle captain Simon Palmer was more pessimistic about cricket being revived before the end of the summer.

Palmer said: “If you are playing away, players would have to travel in separate cars. If you’re playing at home, how do you do the teas? What about the handling of the food? It’s all a logistical headache, a nightmare.

Castle would have been halfway through their fourth division campaign but instead have been forced to wait for clearance to return.

Palmer said: “Even if you say we start in August, the league season is three quarters of the way through by then. I just can’t see how you can organise league cricket.

“If we are lucky, we might be able to scrape together a few friendlies in the middle of August or early September. That’s the best we can hope for.

“It’s a shame because the ground is looking brilliant. The first six weeks of the season has been the best weather in living history and we haven’t been able to bowl a ball.

“If we call it off, that gives the authorities nine months to sort something out for next year.”

Meanwhile Llanidloes Cricket Club remain desperate to play and hoped the crisis would ease in time to arrange local friendlies before the end of the summer.

A club spokesman said: “We just want to play some cricket to be honest, but it just looks as though it’s going to be impossible to organise safely.

“The more weeks that roll but just adds to the uncertainty. If they cancelled the league tomorrow we would support the decision and move on.

“End of season friendlies could be the best we can hope for at this point.

“Perhaps a league with ourselves Newtown, Montgomery and Welshpool, just to get some cricket played, but safety is the most important thing.”