THE suspension of the Welsh football programme has been universally backed by clubs.

Last week the Football Association of Wales (FAW) took the unprecedented decision to suspend all football across the country in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus which has reached a pandemic level across Great Britain.

No football will be played in Wales until April 4.

The decision has been supported by Mid Wales clubs.

Kerry manager Alex Cookson said: “Between the weather and now this it has been an awful 2020.

“However it is the right call with the confusion surrounding virus.

“Nonetheless it is frustrating for all club members, management, players and fans.”

Carno manager Gary Jones echoed the sentiments.

“It is massively frustrating but the right call,” said Jones.

Forden United manager Jonny Roberts insisted public health must always be the priority.

Roberts said: “It is really frustrating but totally the right decision.

“People’s health and wellbeing at this very moment much more important than football which will carry on in the future.”

Meanwhile TNS physiotherapist Wayne Peter also took to social media to back the suspension.

“Contrary to popular opinion football isn’t life or death. People’s health is,” said Peter.

Berriew Football Club assistant manager and junior football coach and administrator Paul Inns also backed the suspension.

Inns said: “The FAW is fully aware of the impact this will have on the domestic game but the health and safety of all fans, players, volunteers and stakeholders are of paramount importance.”

Meanwhile MMP-NL Mid Wales League secretary Phil Woosnam confirmed the suspension would likely lead to the season not finishing at the end of May as scheduled.

However Woosnam remained hopeful the season would be extended and the season would be permitted to continue.

Woosnam said: “I only said a couple of weeks ago that everything was going really well and the final fixtures were sent out last week which meant that the league season was due to end on the first Saturday in may.

“Obviously that is no longer possible and it looks as if the virus could be about for a long time.

“I’m just hoping that the season will finish sometime so that promotion and relegation can be finalised before the new tiers come into operation.”