MID Wales rugby clubs were coming to terms with the suspension of the Welsh rugby programme this week.

The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) cancelled all fixtures until March 30 on Friday evening following the deepening public health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Newtown Rugby Club spokesman Dai Davies said the announcement was “not unexpected” and the club supported the suspension.

“We are very disappointed naturally but it is the only course of action open to the WRU,” said Davies. “As we have already heard from representatives of many other sports, health is the main priority.”

Davies warned of pending problems regarding promotion and relegation and warned supporters to expect rugby to be in hiatus for longer than March 30.

Davies said: “Problems will no doubt arise as we are coming towards the end of the season with promotion and relegation issues to be resolved.

“Continued financial support from the WRÙ is vital as normal income streams will not be available.

“I do feel it’s rather optimistic for the current restrictions to be applied until March 30 and suspect we will be in this situation for some time.”

Llandrindod Wells Rugby Club spokesman Jon Duggan expected the season would not resume.

Duggan said: “Obviously it’s a decision that was always going to be made and we would be surprised if anymore rugby is played this season.

“We are quite fortunate that we have played 14 out of 16 league fixtures this season meaning we won’t be missing out on to much revenue from home games.”