FOOTBALL in Central Wales will continue amid the growing crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

The pandemic has spread across Great Britain this week with Powys recording its first cases this week.

Sporting fixtures across the country have been cancelled as authorities bid to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

However football in Central Wales will continue - for now.

The Central Wales Football Association (CWFA) issued a statement on Thursday evening and urged supporters to do their part in ensuring the virus did not spread through sport.

The statement read: "Today the UK Government announced that in respect of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 it is moving from the containment phase to the delay phase with the aim being to delay as long as possible the general spread of the virus to beyond the usual winter pressures phase that the NHS faces each year to help ensure that there is capacity to deal with the additional pressures that the spread of this virus will inevitably bring.

"The CWFA would want to play its part in delaying the spread of the virus and therefore we are monitoring developments in case a decision needs to be taken to postpone organised local football in our area.

"At present we do not need to consider postponement for the following reasons.

"Schools are not being closed and juniors running around outside in the fresh air is likely to be less risky than confinement in a class room.

"Generally speaking, ambulance staff, doctors and police officers do not attend our adult or junior fixtures so there is no direct risk to NHS or other emergency services through our local football events.

"There will be concern that social gatherings of over 500 persons are now banned in Scotland but we do not have events that are likely to attract such large crowds."

However the CWFA urged supporters, coaches, officials and players displaying symptoms of the virus to stay away.

"The important message at this stage is that any players, supporters, coaches, parents, club or match officials with a new and persistent cough and/or a temperature should not attend any local football events and training indoors should be avoided. If in doubt stay at home.

"It would be helpful if leagues and clubs helped to convey that message."