OUTCRY at the shortage of 3G facilities in the region has been heard across Mid Wales this week.

Players, coaches and supporters from across the region have hit out at the disparity between regions with Mid Wales having just a handful of 3G pitches compared to more than 40 in South Wales.

The Football Association of Wales Trust (FAWT) has set itself a target of installing 100 3G pitches across Wales by 2024 and is working alongside the Football Association of Wales (FAW), Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) and Welsh Hockey Union (WHU) as part of a ‘Collaborative Sports Facilities Group.’

However sports clubs across Central Wales have united in calls to ensure Mid Wales is no longer the poor relation and demanded the region’s needs no longer ignored.

The shortage of facilities reached crisis point last month after Welshpool’s Flash Leisure Centre astro turf was put out of commission until the New Year.

Katie Christopher of Llandrindod Wells said: “Llandrindod Wells needs a 3G. Aberystwyth and Newtown have one so let’ South Powys have something for once.”

Robbie Nicholls of Llandrindod Wells Football Club agreed and felt the Spa town needed investment having seen ladies and junior sides fold due to a lack of facilities.

“We currently have six boys and seven junior girls teams all playing on one full size pitch,” said Nicholls.

Meanwhile Ryan Jones insisted Llanfyllin was the obvious choice.

“It’s a no brainer when you consider how many clubs are within 10 miles of the town. It would also be great for the school and junior set-up,” said Jones.

Nick Evans of Newtown added: “The 3G pitch at Newtown has been a real game changer for the town. A similar facility is needed in Welshpool and many other Mid Wales towns with a strong sporting culture.”

Meanwhile Churchstoke, Dolgellau, Machynlleth and Welshpool were also mooted as potential sites for a 3G pitch.

However Paul Inns warned clubs campaigning for a 3G pitch of “eye watering maintenance costs.”

The Berriew Football Club coach said: “How do you cater for the needs of football, hockey and rugby when deciding on specifications? How can clubs work together? Would too many 3G pitches saturate the market and lead to a reduction in hire prices and occupancy rates?

“A vicious circle would ensue and some clubs may be left in a situation where their 3G pitch actually becomes a noose around their necks whereby all funding is pitch focused rather than general facilities and even then, that may not be enough.”

However Inns backed calls for more 3G pitches in Powys with a limit of three alongside Newtown.

“I feel no more than three 3G pitches would be sustainable in North Powys and Welshpool, Llanidloes and either Llanfyllin or Llanfair Caereinion appear obvious contenders.”