BISHOPS Castle Tennis Club is celebrating a double promotion.

Both of the club’s women’s tennis teams clinched promotion to complete a remarkable season.

Club spokesperson Sue Cooper said: “The amazing thing is that most are over 65 years old and two are over 70.

“It was a great season for this small tennis club in that the club also had floodlights constructed so that light won’t any longer stop play.

“Next season will be challenging but all players are raring to go and aim to get some serious preparation in during the Spring.

“If anyone would like to be part of a successful team we would love to hear from you.”

Pictured are Sally Diplock, Sue Cooper,Wendy Griffiths,Lesley Davis Inglis, Lucy Taylor, coach; Vanessa Campbell, Hilary Evans and Sara Randall. The squad is completed by Judith Kinsey and Anne-Marie Jackson.