After a small hiatus from Chewing the Cud I am back to share some information and insight for the weekend to come.

Having listened to the rather flattering Cow Corner Podcast I felt inspired to give some predictions for the weekend, by the way Andy, I’m a huge fan of yours too.

So here we go, this is my quick run down of the games ahead and what might happen. I state at this point that we use the term “Resident Cricket Expert” loosely, as many of you might have noticed I often get things wrong, biggin’ up players who aren’t taking part and such, so let’s see how we go.

Beacon 1st XI (6th) vs Pontesbury XI (1st)

It could be said that when this fixture was played the first time around that not all players were on the best of form following a lubricated Friday night prior.

Pontesbury came out victors but I think it was win, lose, draw at that stage of the season and had Beacon decided to dig in rather than go for the win there might have been a share of the points.

Beacon have the home advantage of playing on their floodplain, but I would trust the Pontesbury bowling attack to take wickets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a low scoring game and the victors being the ones who score just enough (lovely cliché).

I must go with Pontesbury for this one, I will not be playing but wish the boys well and enjoy the night out after.

I’m sure Thomas Duddleston will be rounding up the troops.

Bridgnorth 2nd XI (8th) vs Shelton 1st XI (2nd)

Bridgnorth must be ready for the onslaught of Sam Griffiths (if he’s playing) who has been joined by Simon Jones in a fierce opening attack.

Matthew Martin seems to be the mainstay of their batting line up but the whole team will have to perform if they hope to win this weekend.

I think Shelton will win this and hope to close the gap on Pontesbury at the top

Ellesmere 1st XI (12th) vs Shrewsbury 2nd XI (4th)

Shrewsbury are really putting some performances together and as for Ellesmere, I think it was fair to say that everyone was happy to see them win a few weeks ago.

Shrewsbury will be kicking themselves if they don’t win this game convincingly.

Frankton 1st XI (3rd) vs Cound 1st XI (10th)

Frankton are a good team and are chasing down the Shelton and Pontesbury.

Brent Doubell, who I believe is from the “Republic of Meat Eaters”, hits a seriously long ball as I witnessed having hit me for consecutive sixess on the two opening balls of my spell a couple of weeks ago (Thanks to the umpire for saying, “It can’t get any worse” after the first one)

They also have some awkward bowlers for which you never feel settled in an innings.

Pabel Kumar Saha seems to be the star performer in the Cound line up and if he can get a score this could be a good contest.

I think Frankton will follow suit and win this one.

Knockin & Kinnerley 1st XI (11th) vs Alberbury 1st XI (9th)

I don’t think either of these sides have been playing superbly.

Alberbury are away from home so the team will inevitably be weaker as tends to be the case. They did however pick up a good win over Cound a couple of weeks back.

James Bird and Sam Morris are a good opening pair so if they both play, they could make inroads.

I think it will be on Knockin to see if they can get a score on what is usually a good pitch.

Lloyd Edwards and Shaun Davis seem to be the two-star batsman, but I think they have struggled with availability this year and have certainly struggled for runs.

I think Alberbury will record win here.

Newtown 1st XI (7th) vs Shifnal 2nd XI (5th)

These two teams have identical records in the last five games so I see this being a tight contest. Maybe Newtown with the home advantage and the fact Shifnal is an awful long travel might be the deciding factor.

If Dave Laird can get into the runs and David Anthony gets the ball nipping around, they could come out on top.

I don’t think I have played against Shifnal this season so there not much insight here.

My good friend “Play-Cricket” tells me Mark Bissell and Dominic Ashley are the two main run scorers but second teams can fluctuate as players move to and from the team.

Tight contest but I think Newtown win.

England vs Australia – 1st Test Ashes

Great start for England but the Aussies are fighting back through Head and Smith.

Got to get Smith out and then England will be back on top.

Rumours have it Jimmy's calf is not doing too well so let’s hope he can get the cherry in his hand as he has only bowled four overs this morning. Should they have picked Archer?

I think wickets will fall in clusters for both teams during the match and it will be all about partnerships.

England will win inside of four days; I just have a funny feeling about Edgbaston.

For anyone who has got this far, thank you for reading. Enjoy your cricket and Go Well.

I will be keeping a keen eye on the scores as I am tested by the links of Aberdovey on Saturday, if you have any hints, tips or insight into the course, do let us know.

Sometimes it is good to take a break from cricket and learn how to hit a stationary ball…….