FAR reaching and significant changes to the Football Association of Wales’ (FAW) rules have been ratified by members of the association.

The rule changes, brought about by recommendations made by the FAW Council to reform governance structures, are aimed at modernising and streamlining the way in which decisions are made on important matters across Welsh football.

“Overwhelming support” by FAW Members in favour of the proposed rule changes will lead to “historic” changes to the association structure as well as the “implementation of an advanced football management system.”

FAW chief executive Jonathan Ford said: “The FAW is gratified by the support of members to advance Welsh football across all levels.

“I’m incredibly pleased the FAW, its council and members are making these positive advancements and progressive changes across Welsh football to further develop and invest in our game.”

Among the changes will be the establishment of a board of directors with the focus on corporate and business leadership of the association.

The FAW Council will continue to be shareholders and supreme body of the association and representatives of clubs “with an ensured focused attention on the leadership of the game.”

Meanwhile council members terms in office will increase from three to four years while the president and deputy president term will be restricted to two terms of four years to provide time to complete key projects.

The recommended new FAW board will comprise of 11 directors with the composition of president, chief executive, two independent directors, an independent chairperson, three officers and three elected FAW council members.

It is unclear yet how the changes in governance will affect Central Wales.

From the 2020/21 season the region will cease to be represented in the FAW pyramid with its own affiliated league with the Mid Wales League placed at level four and under the jurisdiction of the Central Wales Football Association (CWFA) rather than the FAW.

Instead two regional Mid Wales Leagues will be formed with a western league serving the Aberystwyth area and South Cardiganshire while an eastern division will be home to clubs from Powys.

The rule changes regarding FAW governance will come into force on April 1.