FOOTBALL and music are both tribal.

Every day supporters of football clubs religiously look for the latest news about their club, just as fans will loyally listen and support their favourite music groups.

However what musical group epitomises your club?

Does your club play a brand of Oasis style indie football? Perhaps your club had a spell of success like Muse and since disappeared into relative obscurity? Perhaps your club now plays a bland brand of football best suited to Coldplay?

The County Times wants fans and players from football clubs across Central Wales to answer the burning question of the week:

"What music group from the past 40 years best epitomises your club?"

The County Times asked fans across Wales their thoughts on Mid Wales' premier club, Newtown and the Robins were compared to the inoffensive and radio friendly warblings of Snow Patrol.

Port Talbot Town were compared to Nirvana in their pomp and the more reserved Foo Fighters in their decline.

Rhyl were compared to Muse for their shared heyday 15 years ago while Caernarfon Town were compared to the Stone Roses for their large following but not always entertaining live shows!