COMMUNICATIONS portfolio holder, Cllr James Evans, was asked whether his contribution to the debate to back St David's Day as a bank holiday, scuppered any chance the motion would be passed.

Back at the last Full Council meeting on January 25, Plaid Cymru and Green group leader, Cllr Elwyn Vaughan put forward a notice of motion for Powys County Council to back St David's Day as a national holiday.

This motion was voted down and Cllr Vaughan was criticised in the debate for backing moves to abolish the Shire committees to save money, while putting forward a motion that would cost the Council £600,000.

The figure was given by HR, IT and Communications Cabinet member Cllr James Evans when asked how much a bank holiday cost the council.

At last Thursday's Full Council meeting (Thursday, February 22) Cllr Peter Roberts, asked whether this move had changed the debate.

Cllr Roberts, said: "Feelings were running high as councillors had just voted to cut the shire committees, and may have been voting ion the St David's day holiday thinking that was going to cost the authority actual money, when the intent was of seeing a change in productivity.

"My feeling is, that altered the balance of the debate considerably and wonder whether the portfolio holder might reflect that his contribution altered the debate in such a way as to change the outcome of the debate?"

Councillor Evans, replied: "No I don't think my comment changed the debate at all.

"I gave a ball park figure of £600,000 on what an additional bank holiday would cost the authority.

"Do I think it distorted the debate?

"No I don't.

A second part of the motion to have flags flying at Powys buildings on St David's Day, March 1 and to commemorate Owain Glynd?r on September 16 was passed.

St Andrew’s day on November 30 and St Patrick’s day on March 17 are official bank holidays in Scotland and Northern Ireland

In Wales all political parties support making St David’s day an official bank holiday.

Powers to change bank holidays still reside in Westminster rather than the Welsh Assembly, and it it ever came to pass, it is thought that the St David's day bank holiday would replace one of he bank holidays in May.