AN INVESTIGATION into a Welshpool Town Councillor's strongly worded Facebook posts has been dropped by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

Cllr Heather Chave was reprimanded by Welshpool Town Council for alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct at a meeting in January following complaints.

This followed a heated exchange on Facebook where she used strong language after being challenged over her part in a demonstration against the Boxing Day Hunt meeting in Welshpool.

Cllr Chave, along with Cllr Nicola Morris took part in a demonstration again the hunt.

A spokeswoman for the Ombudsman confirmed that the matter will not be investigated.

She said: “I can confirm that the Ombudsman received a complaint that Councillor Heather Chave of Welshpool Town Council may have breached her authority’s code of conduct.

"Following consideration of the complaint, the Ombudsman does not consider that there is any evidence that Councillor Chave brought her office or authority into disrepute and therefore the matter will not be investigated.

The spokeswoman added that Cllr Chave had been reminded that her actions and behaviour are subject to greater scrutiny than those of ordinary members of the public and was asked to reflect on the complaint made and to consider her obligations under the Code of Conduct at all times.

Cllr Chave, told The County Times: "On December 26, I organised a peaceful protest against the Tanatside Hunt.

"Contrary to the rumours, it has been proved that I did not boo at children or heckle anyone.

"The protest went well and there really was no hassle.

"The problem was after the event involving Facebook.

"I expected a lot of disagreement for what I did.

"But I did not expect the vile and hateful personal comments about myself and my family.

"I deeply regret my responses to there comments and unreservedly apologise for my bad language.

"I should have known better as it also detracted from my point about animal welfare and the cruelty inflicted on animals.

"I support the hunting ban and will never apologise for that.

"I will keep fighting for animal rights and will be asking local authorities what they will be doing in future to stamp out illegal activities and I will be fighting for improved legislation to protect animals and the countryside."

The complaints had been forwarded to the Ombudsman by Welshpool Town Council as part of the complaints process.

Following the Ombudsman's decision The County Times asked Welshpool Town Council whether the reprimand against Cllr Chave would be reveresed.

Welshpool Town Council clerk, Robert Robinson, said: "There will be a discussion tonight (Wednesday, January 31).

As the CountyTimes went to press Welshpool Town Council were discussing the issue at a closed door session.