BREXIT, the implications of leaving the European Union and backing for another referendum on the terms of the divorce deal negotiated by the Government, dominated Liberal Democrat Leader, Sir Vince Cables' visit to Welshpool on Saturday.

He is hoping that another referendum on the deal will take place before Christmas.

He was greeted by a packed hall for his meeting in the town, accompanied by the Welsh Lib Dem leader, Jane Dodds.

If the party are ever to revive their fortunes Montgomeryshire, a one-time bastion of Liberalism, now lost to the Conservatives, needs to be won back.

After a five minute speech he took questions from the audience which ranged on a number of topics from discussing life as part of the Conservative led coalition government from 2010 to 2015.

Vince Cable, said: "To me this is a journey back, this is a traditional Liberal stronghold,. I know we have a bit of a gap at the moment and I know Jane and Mark Williams who recently represented Ceredigion will take it back.

"All of parliament and government is completely obsessed by Brexit .

"All the legislation, the whole of government machine is completly preoccupied with the subject.

"We have massive problems in this country, around the benefits system, reviving industry, future health system, all of these things need attention but all the energy is being sucked out of government due to this problem.

"These bigger issues in some ways are not being given attention.

"There have been a lot of surveys of people opinions recently and not a lot has changed since the referendum happened."

Vince Cable claimed the opinion polls showed a slight swing for staying in the EU.

He continued: "What it shows is that we are a divided country, by geography and by age.

"The older population are pro-Brexit, while the younger people under 35s are very pro-Remain.

"There's growing view that the people should have a view on what's being negotiated, we are going to get some kind of deal in about six months time, there should have a final view from the public to wrap it up and move on, do we like what the government has negotiated.

"If the public then want Brexit and now what it is, we do it and live with the consequences, or we stay within the European Union."

Mr Cable also showed a pre-occupation with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He was asked a question as to whether the party should be trying to persuade more centre left Labour MP's and members to join forces with him in a "progressive alliance" since the party was now leaving the centre grround behind and moving to the left.

Vince Cable said: "In many ways you had a leader that was unelectable but did very well, one of the ways they did it was through very sophisticated use of social media, we are a very long way behind and we're trying to make sure that we're at least as good as the other parties when it comes to that form of communication especially with young people.

"We are long way of where we need to be in terms of electoral support but we're getting the basics in to place."

Jane Dodds, thanked the audience for their questions and the meeting atmosphere.

If you want to see progressive alliances, policies that really meet the needs of the people of Wales as well as we are the only party in Wales that are pro-EU and calling for a referendum on the plans."

Following the meeting the delegation went up to Deeside to campaign in the by-election there following the death of Carl Sargeant.