A second referendum on leaving the EU would achieve ‘an even stronger vote to leave’ according to Mid and West Wales AM Neil Hamilton.

The UKIP Wales leader was responding to comments made by former national party leader Nigel Farage in which he indicated he was warming to the idea of a second referendum on Brexit.

During a debate about Brexit on Channel 5’s ‘The Wright Stuff’ chat show, Farage said a second referendum could finish the debate once and for all and end the ‘whinging and whining’ of anti brexit campaigners.

But speaking earlier this week Hamilton said he did not agree with the idea of a second referendum, and that Farage was just being “mischevious”.

“We voted in 2016 to leave the EU, no ifs or buts, it was a yes or no vote and the people voted to leave,” he said.

“Now we’re executing the process and within a very few months we’ll be out.

“My view is that the people have voted and that vote should be respected.

“The attempts to undermine the process of leaving in order to execute the will of the people are actually undemocratic.

“You’ve got to make a decision somewhere and I don’t see why it should go on beyond the last referendum.”

But the issue appears to have caused some division amongst UKIP AMs, with South Wales Central AM Gareth Bennett claiming Nigel Farage had effectively ‘joined the remain camp’ by calling for a second referendum.

“By even publicly floating the idea of a second referendum Nigel Farage has effectively joined the Remain camp.

“He has done an extraordinary amount of good work to establish UKIP in the first place but all political careers come to an end and really this does signal the end of the political career of Nigel Farage.”

A recent poll conducted on January 11 by NatCen Social Research indicates that a new referendum may well produce a different result.

In response to the question “If there was another referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, how would you vote?”, a remain vote would poll 51 per cent compared to 43 per cent ‘Leave’ with six per cent undecided.