Paranormal Encounters on Britain's Roads, By Peter A McCue: A SORROWFUL-faced girl emerging from a verge near Llanidloes, phantom black dogs, a ghostly locomotive and even a Lancaster bomber are all among roadside encounters of the third kind collected in a new book exploring strange incidents from the thousands of miles of Britain’s roads

The Llanidloes sightings, both from 1973 and reported in the County Times, were made by a primary school headmaster and a chef near the old railway bridge known as Red Bridge two miles from the town.

Now they are included in 'Paranormal Encounters on Britain’s Roads' by retired clinical psychologist Dr Peter McCue reflecting on the enormous range of phenomena reported from phantom hitch-hikers and UFOs to, perhaps most disturbing, experiences of time loss and/or teleportation.

Encounters are drawn from all over Britain with some 'hotspots' identified such as Cannock Chase in Staffordshire where, in additIon to its real-life horrors, incidents are said to have included a man in a long black coat with bright yellow eyes, a shape-shifting woman car passenger, a big cat with enormous fangs, a pulsating deep reddish coloured mass, and sightings of Bigfoot-type creatures dating back to 1879.

From strange figures to vanishing vehicles and even a vanishing road, the range of experiences reported is staggering and DrMcCue debates the evidence and theories, from psychosocial explanations, to false memories, time travel, and 'psychic internets', in a critical but open-minded way.

This is an eye-opening book that reminds you to just be careful out there as you never know who or what could be around the next corner.