Hardest Geezer Russ Cook, who ran the entire length of Africa, will return to long-distance running at the London Marathon on April 21.

Mr Cook, from West Sussex, said he planned to run the marathon for charity despite only finishing his 352-day challenge on April 7.

The 27-year-old covered more than 16,000km, took over 19 million steps and passed through 16 countries before crossing the finish line in Ras Angela, Tunisia’s most northerly point.

He has raised almost £950,000 to date for two charities, the Running Charity and Sandblast, since setting off on the venture last year.

Russ Cook's route across Africa
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Speaking about possible long-term injuries on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast, which was released on Thursday, Mr Cook said: “It’s hard to know until I’m back really.

“I’ll have probably a few days of not running, then we’ll see.

“I’ve got the London Marathon in two weeks, so I need to shape up for that.”

Mr Cook said he was entering the marathon with the Running Charity and would be happy to finish the run in under four hours.

He added he would “probably do some little bits and pieces in between” to “keep ticking over a bit”.

Mr Cook also confirmed he would be returning to Africa next year to run the Marathon des Sables, a six-day, 156-mile ultra-marathon in the Sahara desert.

Asked if he had another continent-sized running challenge planned, Mr Cook said: “I’m not sure in terms of next challenge, it’s going to be a hard one to kind of top.

“I don’t really want to be away for another year, anytime soon.”