Ikea let people trapped on the M25 after its closure stay the night in the beds in the store.

Two lorry driver suffered minor injuries after colliding on the motorway near to the Dartford Crossing.

The road was closed for several hours - with some drivers stuck in the queues for six hours.

However, those stuck close to the Ikea store at Lakeside were offered an unusual solution - spend the night in an Ikea bed.

Dame Kelly Holmes was among those caught in the gridlocked traffic as she confessed she had to go to the toilet on the roadside.

The Olympic champion said: "Sorry but I had to go! That's one thing a runner does well and doesn't care about - squatting! (It was just a wee before you start with the emojis).

"Even had the lovely traffic control guy give me some toilet roll and hand wipes!??"