Essential works on sports pitches in a Powys town have been completed ahead of the weekend's sporting fixtures, councillors say.

Welshpool Town Council released a statement earlier in the month warning residents to keep children and pets off the grass for the rest of September at the town's Maesydre pitches while end of season spraying works were carried out.

The statement said that no fixtures or training would be possible on the pitches until October, but that the clubs who use the facility had been informed.

However town Mayor, Cllr Alison Davies, said the works had been completed "sooner than expected," and thanked residents for their understanding.

"We had planned for Maesydre pitches to be closed for two weeks; however the works went so well we've opened sooner than expected, although not for practises or matches until the weekend," she said.

"The majority of residents have helpfully stayed away and understood that the work was essential for us to provide good quality pitches for all the teams to play and practise.

"Although we only have two town football clubs, one rugby club and one cricket club, those clubs have several teams needing to practise and play matches. They have coped this year through cooperation from other clubs, which has reduced the pressure on our pitches.

"The rain we're having is exactly what we needed, the pitches will be in much better condition after this break."

She also added that spraying works would only be completed where "absolutely needed", after facing criticism from some residents who felt that herbicide spraying on the pitches contradicted the town council's recently released environmental policy.

"Until 2019 this work was carried out routinely every year. In line with the Town Council's Environmental Policy and Action Plan we now only use herbicide when we absolutely need, and not as a routine," she added.