A brand new bar and grill in Newtown has revealed when it will be opening.

Located in Broad Street, the team behind 23 Social said it is "so excited" for the big opening weekend after keeping it under wraps for months.

Under owner Aled Woosnam, the former Woolworths store is now a refreshed and revamped venue that it says is "the first of its kind" in Newtown.

"We thank you for your support so far and we cannot wait to welcome you into our brand new venue!," 23 Social said on Facebook.

Take a look inside the new venue:

Newtown mayor Cllr Richard Williams described the new venue as a "great addition to our town", which has created around 19 part-time and full-time jobs.

"Fantastic to see a brand new business opening in the middle of town," he said.

The idea to open a bar and grill in Newtown began in 2017 after a popular town venue announced it would be closing.

"From here we had a vision of introducing a new social space where everyone of all ages can interact," a spokesman for 23 Social said. "Our vision is to increase the number of people coming into Newtown to revitalise the town centre and benefit all businesses within the town."

23 Social will be opening its doors at 2pm on Saturday, June 12. To book a table, call 01686 888 230.