Dyfi Valley farmer Aeron Pugh returns for a second series of hit S4C comedy, Hyd y Pwrs.

A familiar face to Welsh people of all ages having played Ben Dant on the Cyw children’s service for 10 years, Aeron joins Iwan John and friends where they make fun of everyone and everything, including the Welsh language channel.

Hyd Y Pwrs takes the audience to a parallel universe, where favourites such as Priodas Pum Mil, Real Housewives and Am Dro are pushed aside in favour of new classics like Difors Pum Mil, Gwragedd Go iawn Y Felinheli, Ar taith and Mastermaind.

He said: ”Everyone who’s seen Hyd Y Pwrs laughs more about the fact that the impressions are nothing like the actual people, but there's a little something that makes it obvious who it’s meant to be. We just do everything in a completely silly way.

”Wales isn’t very big, so we need to please the whole audience while being careful not to upset anyone, because everyone knows everyone.”

Hyd y Pwrs will be shown on S4C at 9pm on Friday, July 2.