Mid-Wales twitchers received a rare treat this week when an elusive bird species was spotted at a nature reserve near Machynlleth.

Staff and volunteers at Cors Dyfi reserve spotted the striking shape of a Long-Eared Owl sat on a branch at the site yesterday (June 9).

Photographer Emyr Evans was on hand to capture the rare daylight sighting of what is considered to be the country's "most nocturnal owl".

"This elusive species is extremely rare in Wales," they said.

"This is a fledgling - the orange eyes giving him away as a long-eared.

"A nocturnal species, this individual was very subdued yesterday, only opening his eyes now and again before resting again."

Long-eared owls live in mixed and coniferous woodland, preferring the cover of dense, shrubby thickets, hedgerows and conifer trees.

They are found across the UK, although a sighting in Wales is a rarity - there are fewer birds in Wales and the South West.