Trade and recycling waste is to be collected by Powys County Council after the collapse of Cae Post, the local authority has confirmed.

The county council is working to deliver a ‘prompt and professional trade waste and recycling collection service’ after the Welshpool based charity and social enterprise announced last week that it could no longer continue with its trade recycling service due to a collapse in the value of recycled plastics, leading to the loss of 10 jobs.

Powys County Council, which says it is “working closely” with Cae Post, moved to reassure businesses which currently use their collection and recycling service that there would be no loss in continuity. Cae Post has contacted its existing customers to confirm that collections will begin by the council in February.

Cllr Phyl Davies, the council’s Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: “I would like to reassure businesses that currently use Cae Post that they will continue to receive a trade waste and recycling service.

“We will work with Cae Post over the coming weeks to ensure that the transfer of services to the council is as seamless as possible.

“We will be contacting Cae Post’s existing customers to inform them of the new arrangements. We will make sure that those customers impacted by the changes receive a prompt and professional trade waste and recycling collection service from Powys County Council.”