A GIFT from Santa Claus has caused anxiety and upset to a couple of children who believe that he thinks they could be “too naughty” to receive a visit on Christmas Eve.

The gift of a toy monkey comes in a bag with the word “too naughty” on the side.

It’s given to children riding the Santa Specials on the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway Line (WLLR)

A worried father has been trying to convince his daughters that the “too naughty” message is not a judgment on their behaviour this year by Santa.

He told The County Times: “We recently went on the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway Santa Special and had a rather strange gift from Santa which greatly upset our young daughters.

“How am I supposed to convince them that this was the monkey in the bag and not a message to them being told they would not get nice presents if they were naughty?

“They were both in tears by the time we got home which totally spoilt our day and has left me and my wife upset and angry. I wrote to the general manager who does not appear interested in the slightest.”

Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway said that they have had thousands of happy customers this season travelling on the Santa Specials on weekends throughout December. And have even had to turn people away due to being fully booked.

W&LLR general manager, Charles Spencer, said: “We have received a complaint from the parent in question and have responded to that.

“It’s the only complaint we had.

“We’ve had over 2,000 visitors on our Santa Specials, we’ve been sold out and had to turn people away.

“For the overwhelming majority of people it’s been a good experience and they have been happy with what they’ve received.”