A generous “secret santa” has helped a family from Llangadfan pay off credit card debt in the region of £8,500.

Mum of two, Natalie Philbin-Carr, took part in a competition with Manchester based Radio Key 103.

They were running a Secret Santa competition with Insolvency Firm, Hanover

The competition was drawn by Key 103 DJ Mike Toolan who rang Natalie live on Facebook to a gobsmacked response.

Natalie told the Dj and Adam that upon hearing the news she “couldn’t stop shaking”.

Natalie, spoke to The County Times: “It’s just fantastic news, it will pay off all the credit card debt just in time for Chritsmas.

“I saw the competition through Facebook.

“You had to explain why you were taking part in the competion and get it “liked” and “shared” on Facebook.

“I’ve only been living in the area for a couple of month.

“My partner, Nigel Humphreys, is Welsh. We met when he worked on the Wirral and I lived in Oldham.

“We discussed moving in together and when he started working for Natural Resources Wales based in Welshpool we decided to move to the area.”

Natalie added: “I’ve got around £8,500 worth of credit card debt spread over two cards. I’ve an 11-month-old baby, Cei, and since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve had to use the cards to buy living essentials.”

“Thankfully we’ll be able to stop doing that now.”

Hanover chief executive officer Adam Deering said of the competition: “We have had a successful year here at Hanover and wanted to give something back, Natalie is such a worthy winner and we hope her hard times will end.”