The neighbourhood angels team in Montgomery is to be stood down as Covid restrictions ease.

As life continues moving back towards normality, the Montgomery Neighbourhood Angels are to be stood down, with remaining funds transferred to the Montgomery Welfare Fund.

County councillor Stephen Hayes, who initiated the scheme along with Cerys Thomas and Claire Weston from the community news team, said: “If Covid should come back for a third wave, we’re confident that we have a resilient, caring community which will look out for neighbours.

“Meanwhile, it seems only fair to let our wonderful Angels and their support team lay down their responsibilities.”

He added: “We owe our thanks to each and every one for stepping up so promptly and enthusiastically when the need arose, and getting on with the job.

“Along the way we solved problems like how to conduct Covid-safe money transactions, new friendships were established across the generations, and some Angels experienced for the first time the feel-good boost of volunteering.”

The scheme was supported by PAVO and Montgomery Town Council, and “Angels” have been invited to a small thank you event on Sunday, June 13.