The future of transport services, broadband and jobs for young people are amongst the issues up for debate as Powys County Council launches a 15 point plan to improve the well-being of powys residents by 2040.

The opinions of residents are now being sought by the local authority to help shape the direction of the consultation, which forms part of the council’s ‘Powys 2040’ plan for the future of local services in the area.

The strategy has been produced in response to the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015), which places a duty on public bodies to work together to improve well-being for everyone in the county and to take account of the needs of future generations when planning services.

The Powys ‘well-being plan’ is a plan comprised of 15 steps that the local authority want to focus on to improve the well being of all Powys residents, including a diverse range of topics such as public transport, tourism, green energy and superfast broadband.

Once implemented the council will be measured against a lengthy set of national benchmarks set by Welsh ministers in 2015.

Councillor Rosemarie Harris, Leader of Powys County Council and chair of the Powys Public Service Board, said: “Our Powys Well-being Plan is very much looking to the future for Powys as a county and what we need to do to improve well-being for all.

“The board is really grateful for the views that many of you have already given this year about what well-being means to you and what you think of our vision for Powys in 2040. Your feedback has shaped our final draft plan and we’d really like to know if you agree with the steps we’ve prioritised for action and if you feel they would make a difference to you and your family.”

Residents wishing to view the draft document and contribute to the consultation can do so via the council website: community-development/sustainability-and-the-council/ powys-well-being-plan/