A farm worker who defecated in an alleyway in Welshpool town centre was so drunk he did not remember the incident, a court heard this week.

Sebastian Rosiak, 32, admitted being drunk in a public place when he appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where he represented himself.

The court heard the defendant, who lived on Berriew Street, was also seen urinating in the alley at around 11.30am on November 1, 2017.

The prosecution service had sought to ‘up’ the charge to the more serious one of outraging public decency – but opted not to after hearing from the police that Rosiak had stayed out of trouble since.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said police were called by salon worker Harry Evans who had seen a man urinating near a stairwell in an alley off Berriew Street.

“The defendant was seen with his trousers around his ankles facing towards the stairs,” said Mrs Tench.

“Mr Evans could see that he was urinating. His genitals were on show and he appeared extremely intoxicated.

“Mr Evans stated there was faeces on the floor. He believed this to be from the defendant and he felt sick.”

Officers arrived at the scene to find Rosiak sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

“One of the officers noted a small pile of faeces at the defendant’s feet and that he had started to step in it,” said Mrs Tench.

He was told to remove his shoes before getting into the police car and more faeces fell from his trousers onto the road.

Mr Evans cleaned the alleyway and later had his uniform dry cleaned.

Mrs Tench said: “He was appalled and disgusted by what happened and hopes he never has to see or deal with this again, as he said urine is one thing but human faeces is another.”

Mrs Tench added: “As the defendant is unrepresented I feel it only fair to make you aware of information from the police.

“They have put forward that the defendant appears to have turned his life around.

“The police stated at the time of the offence there were several calls a day about this defendant in similar circumstances, but since this incident there have been none.”

Speaking through a Polish interpreter, Rosiak said: “I don’t remember much about this incident.

“I apologise. I was drunk and didn’t control my actions.”

Mr Evans requested £29 compensation for the cleaning products and dry cleaning bill, which was awarded along with an extra £50 for the stress and trouble.

Rosiak must also pay a £140 fine, £85 costs and a £30 surcharge.