An extraordinary video and photograph captured the moment when four waterspouts could be seen off a beach near Aberdyfi.

A group of people near a stretch of beach just outside of Aberydi were able to see the incredible sight, as four waterspouts formed and made their way across the bay.

Local resident Tom Jones first spotted the phenomenon in the sea and began filming it, while also calling photographer Rhian Jones who took multiple pictures of the waterspouts as they developed.

“I’ve never seen four together, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen," said Tom.


“The fact that there were a few strong ones among the four as they moved across the ocean made it even more remarkable. One even made it as far as the beach, touching down on dry land before dissipating.

(Image: Rhian Jones)

“It was very surreal to say the least. The weather was lovely that morning as well, though as I was filming that video the sky behind me was very dark. So rain was on its way, but in the clear skies in front of me were these giant, swirling funnels of water. The contrast of weather around me just made the whole thing even more remarkable."

The giant, rotating columns of water come in two categories, fair weather waterspouts and tornadic.

Tornadic waterspouts are tornadoes that form over water, or move from land to water, developing downward from the sky and are associated with severe thunderstorms and often accompanied by high winds and seas.

(Image: Rhian Jones)

Fair weather waterspouts typically form along the dark flat base of a line of developing cumulus clouds, forming on the water and working their way upwards.

Tom added: “There were a couple of visitors in their area on their holiday and none of them could believe it either. No one I spoke to had seen anything like it. It certainly made their holiday.

“It was incredibly unique and I feel very lucky to have seen it with my own eyes.”