COUNCILLORS in Powys are being asked to support the promotion of red meat as part of a healthy diet for county residents.

The push for more eating of red meat will be part of a far ranging motion that will be heard by Powys County Council (PCC) at its full meeting on Thursday, July 11.

The proposal will be put forward by Conservative councillors Ian McIntosh and Les George.

Cllr McIntosh, who will propose the motion, said: “The agricultural sector is the cornerstone of Powys’s economy and community, deeply ingrained in the fabric of its rural landscape.


“The employment opportunities provided by this sector are substantial, offering jobs not only in farming but also in ancillary industries such as food processing, marketing, and agricultural machinery.

“One of the main offerings produced by our farmers in Powys is red meat, which plays a crucial role in a balanced diet, being a nutrient-dense source of protein, with all essential amino acids, highly bioavailable iron, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.”

Part of the motion asks the council to engage with Young Farmers clubs in Powys.

Ian McIntoshIan McIntosh

Cllr McIntosh said: “These clubs are more than just social outlets; they are breeding grounds for the next generation of farmers, providing education, support, and encouragement to young people passionate about agriculture.

“By working closely with these clubs, PCC can promote the sustainability of farming practices, ensuring that the ancient craft of agriculture keeps pace with the demands and technological advancements of the 21st century.”

He believes collaboration is key to keeping young talent within the Powys rural economy.

Cllr McIntosh said: “This motion recognises the invaluable contribution of our farmers and seeks to create a symbiotic relationship between the agricultural sector and the Powys community, thereby fostering an environment of support, health, and economic prosperity.

Cllr George will second the motion.

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The motions asks councillors to back:

  • Working in partnership with all forms of agriculture in Powys.
  • To continually champion the produce of Powys farmers, recognising the superior quality and vital importance of supporting local agricultural endeavours.
  • To highlight, and promote where possible, access to new and additional on-farm funding, assisting farmers in diversification and in meeting environmental targets.
  • To encourage residents to shop locally where possible, highlighting the importance of reducing food miles and supporting the local economy through conscious consumer choices.
  • Actively promoting red meat as part of a healthy diet for all residents, thereby assisting livestock farmers and ensuring the health of our community.
  • To promote agriculture as a desirable and sustainable career for young people.
  • To encourage Young Farmer Clubs in their mission to educate and train young people in modern, sustainable farming methods.
  • To encourage Young Farmer Clubs to take part in future consultation processes affecting farmers and agriculture.

If approved the pair want to see the Liberal Democrat/Labour cabinet update council in four months’ time on the work done to implement their motion.