A Newtown man who has a "propensity" to break the speed limit after being caught three times by police since 2020 has been fined and given points on his licence by a court.

David Evans, 65, was told that he needed to be "extremely careful" or face a driving ban when he appeared at Welshpool Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, July 2.

He pleaded guilty to driving a Mondeo Zetec at 42mph along the 30mph Heol Ashley in Newtown's Mochdre Industrial Estate on September 17, 2020.

Evans also admitted driving a Renault Master van at 69mph along the A64 Malton bypass in North Yorkshire which is a 60mph carriageway on July 11, 2023.

Robert Hanratty, acting on behalf of Evans, said his client "never received" a notice of prosecution about the Newtown speeding incident.


"He is quite a responsible person and he would have responded had he received this information," Mr Hanratty told the court.

"Mr Evans moved house prior to the issue of proceedings. He would have pleaded guilty if he was aware of the proceedings.

"Mr Evans rather naively paid the fine.

"Because the matter is over three years, it's whether you feel it is in the interest of justice."

The 65-year-old,of Lon Glanyrafon, Vaynor, was handed four points and three points for the Newtown and North Yorkshire speeding offences respectively.

County Times:

He must also pay a total of £581 in fines, surcharges, and costs.

Mr Evans had already received three points on his licence in July 2022 for speeding.

Cynthia McVey, chair of the magistrates' bench, said: "It appears that 10 points are on your licence but because that case was in 2020, those points have been spent. You currently have seven points.

"You faced a driving ban when you came here today.

"You have a propensity of going over the speed limit. You need to be extremely careful or you could be back before us and be banned from driving."

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three penalty points added to a driver's licence.

A motorist could be disqualified from driving if they build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of three years.