Three Powys sisters are celebrating after winning four medals between them at this year’s Urdd Eisteddfod.

Rose, Ella and Isabelle Foskett from Penstrowed, near Newtown picked up an impressive three gold medals and one bronze at this year’s Urdd Eisteddfod being held in Montgomeryshire for the first time in over 30 years.

Mum, Clair was bursting with pride at their impressive achievement.

“It’s unexpected and fabulous for them,” said Clair. “It was just a really big shock for them all to get medal.

“We said we were really proud of them just for entering but to get one gold, then two, then three and a bronze as well it was just fantastic.”

“They were very, very surprised. They were squealing and jumping and down as you might imagine. “


Eldest sister Rose, who attends Llanidloes High School, picked up a double win for her cooking skills – getting gold in the CogUrdd for cooking and bronze in the new category of the PobUrdd for her baking.

“They’ve all done really, really well this year,” said Clair. “Rose won last year for a younger category but this year she entered at year 10 and won the year 10 to age 19 category.

“It was her first time. The chef judging her, Huw Cefin Jones, was a Royal chef for 30 years and worked at the Savoy so had really high standards but he was lovely with her.”

Youngest sister Isabelle, who attends Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd with sister Ella, won gold for her felt crafting which she learned with Clair through internet explainers.

County Times: Isabelle with her winning creation of a badger and its ecosystemIsabelle with her winning creation of a badger and its ecosystem (Image: Clair Foskett)

“We are quite a crafty family, it’s quite nice because we try and learn something different every year,” said Clair.

“Isabelle won for her felting, we sat and looked at it on YouTube. Then she has gone and made this beautiful little badger set and her ecosystem. “

Middle sister Ella, like Rose, picked up her second gold medal this year in what has been a very special year – after reaching the final of S4C show Ser Steilio which searches for the country’s best junior stylist

This led to her getting hugely impressive score of 98 out of 100 for her creations in the series before coming back to get gold at this year’s Urdd Eisteddfod.

County Times: Ella with her winning design at this year's Urdd Eisteddfod. Ella with her winning design at this year's Urdd Eisteddfod. (Image: Clair Foskett)

“For Ella winning last year’s Eisteddfod opened so many doors for her,” said Clair.

“She has such a lot more confidence than she had before it’s not just a gold medal it goes further than that.

“The show has come from it, she’s had her dress displayed in the gallery up the road, it carried on for the entire year, she even gets recognised when she goes out.”